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   Why do we have a uniform?

We have a uniform at Willow School of Dance for several reasons.

a) It ensures that pupils are suitably dressed for class and that clothing and footwear are safe and appropriate for the type of dance they are studying.
b) It gives students a sense of belonging and also ensures that classes are about dance and not about fashion.
c) It enables your child’s teacher to see body shape and be able to make corrections accurately. Wearing baggy clothing effectively means that your child cannot be corrected properly and therefore may be getting into bad habits.
d) The IDTA requires all pupils taking an exam to look smart and the same.

Uniform should be worn for class. They should always be wearing correct footwear as not doing so can risk injury. TRAINERS are not suitable long term for disco. It is expected that once your child has attended half a term of classes that the appropriate uniform should be purchased.

As soon as exam letters are given out please check your child has the correct uniform and that it is in good repair and fits. If new uniform is needed for exams please order immediately. The school is unable to carry great amounts of stock and most uniform needs to be ordered in. Leotards in particular go out of stock quickly and often for long periods of time.
All uniform can be purchased through the school. Second-hand items are sometimes available.

Dancewear Price List

The uniforms for the school are as follows:

(Up to Primary)

Light Raspberry Pink Skirted Leotard £15
Pink Ballet shoes with elastics £8.00 (up to size 5) &
£9.00 (sizes 5.5 upwards)
Pink tights £3.50
Pink Crossover Cardigan (optional) £8.50

(Grade 1 upwards)

Black vest leotard £10
Pink Ballet shoes with elastics £8.00 (up to size 5) &
£9.00 (sizes 5.5 upwards)
Pink tights £3.50
Black Crossover cardigan £8.50


Black or purple vest leotard £10
Black or purple keyhole leotard £12
Black dance tights with stirrup £10.50
Black dance tights without stirrup £10
Calf length £9.50
Black dance skirt £12
Cross over cardigan £8.50
Jazz shoes <5 £12.00
  >5 £15.00
Low tap shoes <5 canvas £12.00
  PU £12.50
Capezio junior tyette £16
Cuban tap shoes <5 canvas £13.00
  PU £14.00
  >5 PU £17.00
  leather £22.00
Boys oxford taps <5 canvas £14.00
Taps Horseshoe heel £2.50
Teletone toe or heel £6.00
Capezio tap shoes low heel <5 £25
  > 5 £30
Cuban heel > 2 only £35


Willow School of Dance t-shirt £8 (Children's Sizes) &
£10 (Adult Sizes)
Black jazz trousers £15
Jazz shoes <5 £12.00
  >5 £15.00

For all classes hair should be off the face and tied neatly.
To purchase uniform through the school please talk to a member of staff



Principal: Sam Whyatt OMLJ, MA, BSc, BCMA (Reg), ITEC, FIDTA
email: sam@willowdance.co.uk
Phone: 07877 325797